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[sticky post] Complete muselist.


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Concrit post

Comments are screened for privacy, but IP logging remains on and Anon is disabled, because I give anon crit no heed, so I'm not going to waste your time allowing it at all.

I also give fair warning that I won't necessarily follow even signed IC crit. I do my best to be faithful to the characters I play, and if I slip up, I mean to fix that slip up...but if we disagree about what's slipping up, I'm probably going to go with my interpretation unless you provide me with evidence I'm wrong. Better to play what you feel is right than not, right? Grammatical griefs are legitimate complaints, but I can't promise I'll be able to fix it, bad grammar is a nasty habit. I'm also unlikely to fix it if it exists only in dialog.

If you're concern deals with an OOC matter that will obviously be dealt with as the case happens--I don't take OOC into IC (or vice-versa) and I don't mean to offend people, and I'll do my best to avoid that...but I'm not going to adjust my tagging speed (unless it's a request not to back-tag or something similar) or how many games I'm in.

Incidentally, if you need to contact me through this for some other reason than crit, you're also free to.


140 Holly icons + 1 gif (True Love)

Holly ended up with way more.

Not not just the song.


That slow tumble into something less than Rose, and the only one left to stop it is her. But is it too late?

100 Nick icons (True Love)

Nick is a giant douchebag, but he's a very pretty douchebag. There are spoilers and some mildly NSFW icons within. I'll probably make a Holly batch next, with pretty pretty Billie.

What the world needs now...is love, sweet love


68 James N Arber icons (Decoy Bride)

I made these when the movie came out and forgot.

Primarily it's a sheep snatching thing.