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Drabble meme for fun. Doesn't have to count for anything unless you want it to.

Pick a few prompts, I'll write at least one. It can be just Rose, if you want, or Rose and one of your muses (though I make no guarantees at being any good at them) If you have a specific AU in mind, I can use that, otherwise, I'll base it off of Broken or Surrogate verse, as the muse applies.

1. Playful!Rose
2. Murderous!Rose
3. Flailing!Rose
4. Incarcerated!Rose
5. Awkward!Rose
6. Ill!Rose
7. Intoxicated!Rose
8. Incorrect!Rose
9. Eloquent!Rose
10. Cooking!Rose
11. Over-protective!Rose
12. Bored!Rose
13. Silly!Rose
14. Romantic!Rose
15. Loving!Rose
16. Cranky!Rose
17. Jealous!Rose
18. Inquisitive!Rose
19. Confused!Rose
20. Arrogant!Rose
21. Angry!Rose
22. Dorky!Rose
23. Working!Rose
24. Needs-a-Hug!Rose
25. Choose-your-own!Rose
Tags: meme, verse: broken, verse: surrogate
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